A Pouch Incorporating Reservoir, Handle, Applicator and Patented Opening Mechanism


Antibiotic Creams


Medical Liquids

Medical Solutions


Medical Syrups

Medical Mixtures


First Aid

Cleaning Solutions

Adhesive Solutions

Bonding Agents

Industrial Fluids

Certain Solvents

How It Works

How EC Pouch works

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EC Pouch® is a packaging solution for your low, medium or high viscosity fluids.

Customize the pouch with your company labels.

Steps to using the EC Pouch 1 - 2 - 3


1. Pull off protective tab

2. Press pouch to move the fluid out of the opening.

3. Apply/dispense fluid as needed.

No need to tear, squeeze or puncture!

The patented pull-to-open mechanism needs little force and allows a controlled flow for the contained fluids.

No separate applicators or need to use your finger.

EC Pouch® is Easy to use and provides a Clean application. Perfect for emergencies.

EC Pouch®